Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's a worry

Having only been back in Australia for about 10 days it is a worry that my latest choice of reading matter lying next to my bed is: Lonely Planet - Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botwswana.

Help! I have an incurable addiction.

Having said that, I have to say there is one really great thing about Australia (well there are a few great things, nice beaches, good weather, nice people as long as you don't count John Howard, Tony Abbott, Alan Jones or any Cronulla surfie gangs..) is that when you tell people that you have been travelling for a year the response is always positive. Even in my job interview it was seen as a positive about me - in fact my new boss even said "wow - you must have learned so much over there, I think it's great that you did that." It's not always the case in other countries as I know plenty of people from Europe and the US have said if they went for a job and said they had been travelling for a year they would be worried that they would be perceived as being a bit unstable or lazy.

So hurrah for Australian bosses - wonder how they will feel when I ask if I can go to Africa for a while next year?????


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