Tuesday, May 02, 2006

House arrest

I have been under house arrest today thanks to Australias most useless telecomunications company - Optus. After a near month long wait for our internet service the little buggers (after about 22 phone calls) insisted that I stay in the house all day long awaiting the delivery of our special modem thingy. It is incredible the amount of things that you suddenly decide you need to do outside the house when you are told you have to stay in, I kept wanting to sneak out but I was too scared that I would miss the delivery and have to do the house arrest thing all over again in a few days.

To make it worse it is the most gorgeous sunny day and the beach at the end of the street is calling me but I am doomed to perching on the the window sill trying to get a bit of sun.

When the courier finally arrived after a scintillating 6 hour wait he then tried to tell me that only Ed could sign for the package and that it would have to go back to the depot. I must have looked so demented and angry after that when I started to lunge towards the package anyway he looked scared and gave it up to me muttering something about technicalities, right move Mr Man.

So the upshot of this boring little tale is A: don't ever use Optus if you live in Australia - they are crap . And B: I finally have internet at home so I can actually blog and post phots and things without having to make like a backpacker and traipse down to the internet cafe with all the poms. Hurrah!

That is all - stay tuned.


Blogger tiff and michael said...

I'm with you Kate on the Optus are crap issue. I've got my own war with them at the moment.

Thanks for keeping your blog up to date. I read it every week.


9:43 PM  
Blogger torshy said...

You think Optus are crap- it costs about three bucks a minute to talk to the helpline for German telecom if anything is wrong with your phone. I spent five miniutes on the phone with them and was left with no solution to my problem and a nine Euro bill.

Although they are still crap, I agree.

3:21 AM  

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