Monday, April 24, 2006

The slide spectacular

Ed got some of his slides back the other day from the trip - they are really quite amazing. And there I was being a bit scathing about him carrying his antiquated bloody lump of a giant camera about and having to buy slide film all the time while I just popped my tiny digital in my handbag - well now I stand corrected. They are so much better. Here is a random selection of my favourites - I give them the big thumbs up.

A monk hitches a ride on a trishaw in Burma

An important call in Peru

Little Peruvian Beauty Queen - Llangoden Peru
Peruvian Schoolgirls dressed up for a fiesta - Huaraz Peru

Chom, Lek and Jeff race our trishaw in Burma

Ed and I in a giants doorway at Sacsayuman - Cuzco Peru

Pestering a Llama in Peru

Little boy on the floating islands of Titicaca - Peru

Me and our spanish teachers Fanny and Liz - Cuzco Peru

Beautiful, bitey Leonsio - Villa Tunari Bolivia

Bathtime for Mums and babies - Elephant Nature Park Thailand

Strange car - Burma

A Moai who has fainted with fright - Easter Island Chile

Covered in food, wee and monkeys and very happy - Villa Tunari Bolivia

Lake Titicaca - Peru

Edward James Holmes - world traveller and Puma walker - Villa Tunari Boliva

Hans and Martin the monkey have a bite of each other - Villa Tunari Bolivia

Ed teaches Martin some bad food habits - Villa Tunari Bolivia

Trying a on a Bolivian ladies hat - Tarabucco Boliva

Everyone is dressed up for market day - Tarabucco Boliva

Ed buys another table cloth - Tarabucco Bolivia

Potato lady - Ollantaytambo Peru

Playing with the baby - Thailand

Golden Inca ruins at Pisac - Peru

Middle of nowhere - salar in Bolivia

Baby Hope gives one of the volunteers a cuddle - Thailand

Old lady elephant eavesdrops on Park manager Michelle when she talks to the tourists - Thailand

The train cemetery in Uyuni - Bolivia


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