Sunday, August 02, 2009

back in the USSR

I can't resist a queue.

On Saturday Edward, Ivy and I took a stroll down Darling Street Balmain. We did a bit of shoe shopping for bossy boots (who insisted she wanted a pair of baby sized pink mary janes and shouted at the shop assistant "Go Way!" when she suggested they were too small), we bought coffee and looked in all the pretty windows.

About half way down we noticed a very small shopfront that belongs to Adriano Zumbo - master pastry chef and recent star of Masterchef. (He was the guy that got them to make the Croque en bouche and the chocolate mousse cake.) This in itself was interesting but what made it more interesting was the fact that there was a massive queue snaking out of the tiny shop and onto the

Peeking inside beyong the hordes all I could see were empty display cabinets. But channelling my best 1970's USSR persona I decided to join the queue and take whatever i could get.

Once I was inside it was hilarious - people were just pointing at anything in the display cabinets and taking the lot, which wasn't a lot, just a handful of candy coloured macaroon type things, a few loaves of bread and some mysterious small hot pink cakes. The woman in front of me pointed to the hot pink cakes and in a panic said "I'll take five" five of em would feed about 15 or so people so it was quite a mystery what she was going to do with them all.

Finally it was my turn - I just pointed at the candy coloured little things and just said "four please" and in a panic also pointed to a loaf of bread and said "that too". By the time I left the remaining handful of cakes were being fought over by the rest of the queue.

Such is the power of television.

having said that though the said macaroons were bloody delicious - one tasting like rice pudding, one like berries, another like passionfruit and one like salt and vinegar (bizarre but quite tasty).

Perhaps there's something to be said for having to take what you can get?


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