Monday, June 22, 2009

A thank you

After two years of servitude as a parent to little miss Ivy May after at least a year of NO NO NO being shouted at me, or lately NO WAAAAY! And MINE! And NO SHARE! I have learned not to expect too many positive verbal declarations (I do get my fair share of sloppy kisses and bear hugs ) but when it comes to words it's strictly orders and negatives from my little dictator.

The other afternoon I brought home a little cooking stove for her as a gift. It was pink plastic, came with pots and pans, lights up and makes funny cooking noises. All in all it was pretty damn cool and I could tell she thought it was too. She examined it from all angles then declared "oh WOW!" before muttering to herself and getting busy making some plastic food for her plastic baby.

I sat back happy that she liked it thinkg that was that.....then I almost fell off my chair. Out of the blue she stopped, looked up from the stove, smiled and said as clear as day 
"Thank you Mamma".


Blogger Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Oh hooray! And it means something. Which it wouldn't if it were what she was obliged to say every twenty minutes.

4:05 AM  

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