Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes

The world, or perhaps it’s just Australia, has gone completely mental for cupcakes. Formerly know as patty cakes in Aus, thanks to Sex and the City and Carrie’s predilection for sweet little cakes, cupcakes they are and popular they be.

I don’t really have anything against them per se, I just don’t get why they are deserving of the fuss. While I’m not averse to a nice chocolate or cheesecake cupcakes tend to be bland little things, covered in an entirely flavourless greasy and sweet topping of some unnatural colour. They are hardly a taste sensation yet people go crazy for them.

Someone having a baby? Bring cupcakes. It’s the day before easter in the office? Cupcakes. At a wedding? Oh look they’ve got cupcakes instead of wedding cake how cuuuute. Going to a work meeting? Cupcakes. Visit a friend. Cupcakes.

Even in my neck of the woods there is now a massive installation in the local shopping centre selling, you guessed it, cupcakes. Hundreds of the bloody things in different sizes and colours yet all tasting strangely sweet, greasy and unremarkable. And a constant queue of suckers all lined up waiting to hand over their cash.

Now the ultimate blow. Last week I was asked to host a kind of round table discussion with some members of the media and the blogging world about an article I have written. I was excited, I don’t get out of the office much these days and the idea of being somewhere glam like a nice inner city restaurant or bistro was very appealing.

This morning I got an email from the agency organizing the event. Someone in their office has had a brilliant idea – we’re not doing lunch anymore….we’re doing…errrr...'Cupcakes'. In a place that actually refers to itself as a ‘cupcakery’.

Great – my dreams of 2 hatted gourmet savory delights have been shattered. Instead I will be in mild sugar and champagne shock before lunchtime as I endevour to make some kind of sense in front of my esteemed media world peers as we devour those cutsey little coloured bit of confectionary. Glad I'm not a diabetic. Wonder if they will mind if I bring my own vegemite sandwiches to offset the sugar?


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