Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GFC? What GFC? I need an iPod, like, NOW

I had a weird experience yesterday. Having lasted 5 years with my iPod I finally cracked and decided that enough was enough with it’s piss weak battery ways (after an hour of music it gets tired and needs a lie down) and that I was ready for a new one.

As a consumer journalist I am always interested in what makes people buy and how and I must say as a consumer I am a strange one. I am not a researcher or even really an impulse buyer. I am more of a wake up in the morning hysterically decide I need something NOW NOW NOW and will do anything to get my hands on it immediately. (Ed funnily enough is similar – we will both put up with something for months or years and then when it’s decided we must consume immediately.) Funny cause I’m always writing advice like “take your time, do your research, shop around” in all my articles.

Anyway I mustn’t be alone because yesterday after decided I MUST have a new iPod RIGHT NOW I threw Ivy into her stroller and sprinted up to JB Hi Fi. It was just on 10am and there were a handful of people hanging about waiting for the store to open.

Inside the sleepy looking staff were still wandering about setting up when me, a guy dressed in gym gear and an older woman all walked straight to the ipod cabinet and stood there expectantly. It was almost awkward – no browsing or wandering. We all arrived at the cabinet and stood, arms crossed. Finally when no staff appeared I went to the cashier and asked if we could get some help.

A young staffer arrived and served the gym guy, “Mate can I have a shuffle and an eight gig nano thanks” “what colour do you want?” says the staffer “oh um blue will do”says the gym guy who acts like he is just buying ciggies not several hundred of dollars worth of mp3 player.

I’m next “8 gig nano please” I say and then add “purple please” ( like I am buying ciggies.) the guy looks amused and hands over the loot.

As I head to the cashier I hear the older woman say “can I have an ipod touch please?”

The guy at the cabinet looks quite shocked by now. It is only 4 minutes after opening and he has just sold about one thousand dollars worth of ipods.

There must have been something in the air…..


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