Thursday, May 14, 2009


the running hasn't been going well - I think I'm permanently crippled. Seems that it's not a good idea to try running in flat as a tack converse sneakers on concrete. I mentioned this fact to two friends last weekend who indulge in fitness activities (well one of them does really, the other much prefers smoking and drinking but likes to pretend that she's out running the streets a few times a week) 

either way when I said I was running in converse they shouted me down and it seems my legs and knees have joined in with the shouting. So my choices are: spend 100 bucks on ugly white runners  that look more like small ufo's or go back to the couch.

I know which one I prefer the idea of.


Blogger a million miles said...

spend the money you scab.
mrs, x

12:29 AM  

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