Friday, May 29, 2009

Like a rabbit in the headlights

Just filmed my first video for CHOICE was a lot of fun but bloody hell I have a lot of respect for those tv journos now (yes even the ones on ACA and Today Tonight) I thought delivering a piece of script down the barrel of the camera lens would be a piece of cake compared to slaving over a long in depth print article but boy was I wrong.

Despite having a good memory I couldn't seem to remember more than one line at a time and needed my version of an autocue...the budget version, a piece of paper printed up in enormous font stuck under the camera lens. This I learned, you can look at and even though it looks like you are looking into the camera you aren't. Spooky - what it meant is that I had to emote to a piece of printed paper all while making sure I didn't flick my eyes up into the actual lens (a giveaway that you're not really looking into the lens you see). While doing this I had to make sure that I didn't drop my eyes too low - gives you a kind of zombie eyes night of the dead look.

SO once I got the eyes sorted then there was the rest. At the age of 38  thought I was pretty competent at walking and talking yet when I was asked to do it on camera I discovered I could only do one or the other...but not at the same time. We decided that I would stand still.

It's a similar story with my hands. I don't usually spend much time thinking about them yet when I was on camera I simply didn't know where to put them. They either hung by my sides like useless tubes or waved about so much that I on camera I looked like I was mentally deficient. There were points where I was reading my 'autocue' and thinking shit SHIT use your hands and my hand would rise up and then it would hang in the air waiting for further instructions - eventually it settled on my hip when no further instructions were forthcoming which kind of made me look like I was scolding the viewer - and left our video producer in stitches.

Add to these problems hair getting blown around, lipstick smudging, a microphone pack that won't transmit, a small audience of a homeless man, a few office workers having a ciggie and some nosey shoppers and of course traffic and jackhammering filming al fresco isn't as easy as it looks.

Finally I deliver a perfect take - in the middle of it a truck rumbles past. From the camera comes a hesitant voice...'ummm could you do it like that, again?"

To view the carnage head here to CHOICE


Blogger tiff and michael said...

Love it! Couldn't help but think of the movie Broadcast News and the issues of doing an interview with only one camera.

6:18 PM  
Blogger torshy said...

I thought you did a great job of seeming a lot more serious than you usually are...

4:12 AM  

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