Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pack those boxes

I'm moving again.....and as I zip up those boxes with packing tape and stuff the contents of my life into them it feels strangely familiar. Why? Because I just realised that in the last 3 years this will be MOVE NUMBER FIVE. That is just a few times too many I think.

This time I am hoping it will be the last for a long, long, time. (Short of going overseas again which always makes it more exciting.) Yes people, this Wednesday Ed and I make the move from the east to the west and into our lovely new house.

Not content with just coming back from overseas less than four months ago we thought we would up the ante and the stress levels and delve into home ownership together. It's very exciting, it's a gorgeous little house, 100 years old, in a pretty tree lined street, more space than we have ever been used to, a garden and even a white picket fence - in fact it looks like the kind of house where I should be wear a flowered apron, bake scones and greet Ed at the door every evening with his slippers and a martini.

Will I miss Bondi? Part of me will. I love the flat, being tucked up high in our little cosy sunlit nest. And of course it brings out the sentimental side of me because it was in this very apartment where I met Eduardo, I literally met him at the front door when I came over with a friend that happened to be staying with him once. So it will be sad to say goodbye. I will also miss watching the ocean every morning on my way to the bus stop and the sheer luxury in summer of coming home, peeling off my work clothes and heading down for a swim at sunset, or on my more motivated days before work on a sunny morning. On those days it feels like we live in paradise and I never imagined I would live here so it's been a totally different take on Sydney which has been an adventure.

What I won't miss - the traffic, lack of parking, the rubbish everywhere, ugly buildings, not having a backyard or a balcony of my own, having very few friends or family over this side of the city, the groups of pretentious and unfriendly people that tend to hang out down here, and in winter, the wind that howls down the streets day and night straight off the ocean.

So it's goodbye Bondi and hello Leichhardt - back to my end of town. It almost feels like a homecoming. Now - back to those boxes.


Blogger Di said...

Congratulations Kate and Ed!
Wishing you both all the best in your beautiful new home.

4:17 AM  

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