Wednesday, June 21, 2006

talk talk talk

It seems everybody loves a good plastic surgery story. The media went a little bit crazy last week and I was in demand to talk about people getting themselves a pair of new boobs and a tan in Thailand. I did radio interviews in Melbourne, Canberra and Newcastle and even had to dodge Today Tonight who wanted me to go on their show and talk about it like an expert....ummm...needless to say I declined. Apart from the fact Today Tonight is the most trashy, despicable current affairs show on TV it seems a bit rich that I would be commenting on peoples health having spent all of a week investigating it. Just shows how trashy they really are.

But then the tv saga continued and much to my excitement I was invited to go on Sunrise (another trashy but top Aussie breakfast show favourite) to which I said a resounding "yes". But not long after alas, they found a woman who had really gone and got herself a pair of new boobs and a tan in Thailand - rather than having just written about it like me, so sadly my breakfast tv dreams were scuppered - such a cruel beast television.


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