Thursday, June 15, 2006

Plastic Fantastic

In Thailand - over 1.2 million people from overseas visit the country specifically to have some kind of surgical procedure. A lot isn't it? And most of them are having something cosmetic done - boob jobs, nose jobs, chin jobs, facelifts, eye lifts, lipo sucking flab out of bottoms and thighs and even something called (rather scarily) a full body lift. Add to the mix - Botox, Laser treatments, teeth whitening........ all for a 3rd of what you'd pay at home and it's pretty appealing. Thailand is the ultimate place for a nip n tuck tour.

While Ed and I were travelling in Thailand, I started to notice tourists who were wandering about covered in brusies, bandages and swelling. At first I thought "horrible accident" then I realised it was more like "new face". When I mentioned the bruised tourists to an expat british guy who lives in Phuket he said "they are everywhere".

So I decided to write an article about it, Ed and I toured gleaming white hospitals that look like hotels, stayed a night in a plush retreat for people that were about to have or had just had plastic surgery and even got to sample the delights of the luxury spa the 'patients' hang out in. It is a very strange world, where people chat about lipo and nose jobs like they are getting their nails done. It seems that plastic surgery is now in the conciousness and the reach of the average person and that can mean things are getting scary. I met a whole family from the UK who were all there to have something done - even the teenage daughter was having some fat sucked out of her tummy.

Anyway - of if you are in Sydney or Melbourne you can read all about my adventures in the Sunday Magazine (in the Sunday Tele or Sun Herald Sun) this Sunday and see for yourselves. I might stick it on my other site too - once it's been published.

The things that worry me the most are what does this rush to embrace the knife say about the state of our heads? And even worse....what the hell are we all going to look like in 30 years?


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