Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Return to Summer Bay

Crikey - I've just got off the phone after being summonded to be on the set of Home and Away again this week to play, suprise, suprise, another bloody high school teacher.

What is it about me? Why do I scream teacher when production people see my photo? The only thing I am grateful for is that this time we're shooting in the studio so I won't get hypothermia like last time - though I just know they will want to put my pasty body into some skimpy summer clothes - brrrrr.

I shouldn't really complain about being typecast, my swarthy or shall we say "mediterranean" looks were in demand for a "Citizenship Australia" ad on the weekend, which I knocked back so I could go and see the Swans game. Shame really - I would have loved to have played the earnest young Citizen of Oz, waving a little flag about. On second thoughts, yuk.


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