Thursday, June 29, 2006

Parma Farm and Norton Street

After being back in Sydney for all of 10 weeks, Ed and I..... errrr..... decided that we really needed a holiday. So we lobbed down south to our favourite little bolt hole, a farmhouse in the tiny settlement of Parma just near Huskisson.
Here chickens were fed, horses were patted, we canoed in the creek and even a wombat was spotted.

After 3 days of the quiet life we were ready to head back to Sydney and into the frenzy that was World Cup Fever. On Monday night at 1am Australia played Italy and the streets were teeming with thousands of rabid football fans down in Sydneys little Italy in Norton Street.

Ed and I raced across from Bondi and hit the streets to join in. There were people in blue for Italy, others in Green and Gold for Australia - and there were those who were hedging their bets with half and half outfits or two carrying two flags. Over 8000 people were filled the streets, the smell of cooking pizzas and espresso coffee wafted about in the air, as booze in the streets was banned, the shiny coffee machines were out there spluttering away making coffees for the crowd there giving a suitably Italian feel to it all. The outcome of the match was pretty sad for us Aussie supporters but at least in Norton Street you could have guaranteed at least half the crowd (those in blue) would have been happy.


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