Monday, June 26, 2006

Oh brother

Okay I admit it, I've been watching Big Brother this year. I could try and use the excuse that I've been stuck in the jungle overseas for the past year and have been deprived of tv and that's why I'm watching but I would be lying, I just love a bit of crap tv.

So there I was watching it the other night when they had an 'intruders' special and one of the new housemates was this rough voiced, loud mouthed 39 year old brunette called Perry. At first I said to Ed - god what a pain in the arse she is, haven't we all known someone like that? Then as I watched her a bit longer I said....I think I know her.......and then it dawned on me. Perry used to own the beauty salon I used to get my legs waxed at!

Down at Perry's Beautyworks it used to be all go, the typical suburban salon. Italian chicks sweating under hairdyers that were blowdying unruly hair straight, other chicks in tight jeans and platforms sneaking a quick ciggie out the door whilst waving long manicured nails dry, girls under clouds of hairspray as they got 'up do's' for weddings while out the back poor unfortunates like me had hot wax ripped off their legs whilst being entertained by the motormouth that was Perry. She really was a laugh a minute and I remember the day she told me she was selling the business to go off to persue real estate she gave me a big hug and shouted out "take care Katie" because of course Perry just decided to call me Katie - even though I've always been a Kate.

It is quite weird and voyeuristic watching someone you know in the BB house - so far Perry has come across as a bit of a pain in the arse when in real life she is very much larger than life but also a very nice person. Will be fun to see her stir things up and to be honest considering the rest of the housemates are self obsessed, dopey little 20 somethings it would be pretty funny to see her win. Go Perry!


Blogger Di said...

The shows antics have me hook line and sinker too Kate! I haven't missed a series yet, much to Lisa's disgust!! Sh...I won't tell her if you don't. I love Perry too! But I think she's going to get on their nerves fairly soon.

2:35 PM  
Blogger tiff and michael said...

Just to add to the BB discussion, the housemate David went to Toowoomba Grammar School. He likes to wear the school t-shirts (note the yellow t-shirts with blue emblem). This is the high school Michael went to for his senior years and Michael's sister, Libby, taught at. Libby remembers David as a very shy and quiet boy who was picked on at school.

In other news, I was at the playground watching Henry trying to go down the slide, when a fellow parent also started coaxing Henry. I looked up - it was Pat Rafter.

12:03 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Oh Tiff - Henry has a celebrity stalker already! I'm so proud.

3:34 PM  

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