Friday, July 07, 2006

Famous alert in the tearoom

A new girl has started work in my office (yes the most non exciting office in the known world...) I was glad that there was someone newer than me and felt inclined to bond with her over our shared newness and all that - but there's just one problem. She's quite famous, or at least used to be.

Our new girl used to be seen on tv screens every night in Australia a few years ago, popped up in magazines and even had a an entire float of drag imitators paying homage to her in the Gay Mardi Gras one year. Nowdays she keeps a lower profile but is still a well known face around town. Its been very odd seeing her in the tea room making a cuppa looking like the slightly daunted new girl, but it weirds me out to make conversation with her. I already know so much about her it feels like I have an unfair advantage or like I'm a stalker- like what if she tells me something and I just go "oh yeah I know that, I read it in the paper", how emabrassing - or do I just pretend I have never seen her before in my life and feign complete ignorance? It's a curly one so therefore in my classic non confrontational way I just keep avoiding conversations with her because it just feels weird, I just hope everyone else in the office isn't doing the same thing. Such is the peril of being well known I guess. I wonder if Nicole Kidman gets ignored when she goes to get a cup of tea at work too?


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