Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dads today

It's funny how much things can change in a generation.....

When Ivy was first born several times we asked the more elderly men in our respective families if they would like to hold her. Most looked scared, horrified or totally ill at ease before saying 'no thanks' or 'I've never really held a baby'.

Cut to the men of today. As I wander the streets of my suburb I always love to check out the dads. When I stop at a cafe to order a coffee I see a very macho looking Italian guy sitting with a macchiato and a tiny little girl in pink, who he delicately helps spoon the froth from her babycino into her mouth. At the supermarket a tradie looking guy in shorts and work boots is lugging three huge bright pink boxes of nappies on the roof of a stroller. In Norton street two groovy looking guys order coffee in a cafe whilst parking their space age strollers containing toddlers. In the park more dads can be seen with little tackers on their shoulders, in prams or cradled in their arms.

And the thing Dads seem to love the most is the baby sling or pouch. While most mums are happy to push around a stroller it seems that dads love to have the baby dangling from their chest - I've lost count of how many guys I see each weekend strutting around proudly with a baby hanging from their chest. Not sure why they love it so much....or than again do I? Whenever Ed takes Ivy out like that he is showered with compliments from strangers about 'how good he is'. He also gets a lot of winning smiles from the ladies and I have to admit I am always smiling at other men with babies. So forget a dog, perhaps these days babies are the ultimate attention getting accessory when you are a guy.


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