Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Some numbers

3 - is the number of colds that Poppy has had in 6 weeks

3 - is the number of days this week I have spent unable to do anything except hold a crying sick baby who doesn't want me to put her down, ever.

2 - is the number of colds I have had. I have one now which arrived the day the first one was just on its way out.

3 - is the number of people in the house who have also had stomach bugs.

4 - is the time of the morning we have seen more frequently than we would have liked to thanks to a sick baby and a weird almost 4 year old.

9 - is the time we have started going to bed in case we start the day at 4.

400 - is the amount of dollars we have paid in Poppy's childcare fees which we haven't been able to use because of reason number one.

0 - is the amount of energy I have - having been sick or looking after a sick child since about mid March.

0 - is the amount of time I have had to be able to do any uni work in the last 3 weeks.


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