Friday, April 15, 2011


After Ed came home from the Masterchef launch we apart from the usual gossip about who was there and who said what it was straight to the best bit - the goody bag.

Goody bags do strange things to people. I remember at the Opera House packing goody bags that were often just a random collection of marketing tat, stickers, brochures and say the odd sachet of coffee or something. As single items they are nothing to get excited about, but stick em in a bag and hand them out at an event and grown adults go beserk, even as one of the goody bag packers suddenly I would be overwhelmed with desire once the event began.

At TEN things were the same, and initially staff were told that the Masterchef bags were off limits but when there were a few leftovers Ed was a lucky recipient.

So back at home we fall upon the large hessian bag with the Coles logo on it. Inside - a bunch of random brochures, the usual Telstra logo-ed bottle opener (which goes in the drawer with the other 6 identical openers we have) we discard the tacky tea towel and fall upon the big ticket item that everyone had been talking about - the Sunbeam hand mixer. Before scoring it everyone was trying to get their hands on one - Ed had got a little confused and told me it was a blender then that it was a stick blender which was disappointing but frankly any kind of free white goods is exiting. We rip the box open and then after a little while we wonder what we might ever use it for...cakes? Scones? Considering baking is something I do once a year for Ivy's birthday or when I am in the occassional PMT induced frenzy - I do have to wonder.

By the next day the loot bag has been dismantled and the hand mixer already destined for a life in the back of the old pantry (ie: the shit we don't ever use cupboard.) Ed later confesses that his favourite thing is the Coles shopping bag while I admit that the two rolls of paper towels were probably the best thing in there. Says a lot really doesn't it?


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