Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ch Ch Changes

This week it seems my baby and little daughter have been stolen in the night and replaced with newer and slightly re-calibrated versions of themselves.

Poppy sprouted a epic four teeth in seven days - two at the top two at the bottom which has not only changed her appearance but also it seems her demeanor. Suddenly my sweet smelling, placid little gummy baby has become a complete livewire. Full of giggles and chuckles, grinning, dribbling and babbling non stop complete with a rakish rabbitty looking toothy grin. Despite being the new energetic version of herself she is still a diplomat choosing to start her talking life with "baba" instead of "da da da" (like Ivy) or my personal favourite "mum mum mum". It's "baba baba baba" we hear all day, as well as squeals of frustration, whoops of delight and non stop noise. She is also into everything, desperately trying to crawl and generally finding life SO very exciting she cannot sit still to feed, cuddle or even sleep in til 8am everyday (oh no!)

In the meantime Ivy is becoming more and more grown up. While this has many upsides there are some funny ones. She's suddenly picked up a bunch of things I guess she hears us saying. Including when the smallest thing goes wrong she clutches her head, sighs and shrieks "ohhh my gawwwd" at the top of her lungs. I also heard her berating Ed saying something like "you're just not LISTENING to me! You NEVER listen Dad" - I simply can't imagine where she's picked these things up. She's also decided that most words that end in an 'ed' need to be over pronounced ie: "kissed" becomes "kiss-ed" - "burped" becomes "burp-ed" which is rather sweet as it makes her sound a bit like someone in a Shakesperean production.

It's good to get this stuff down cause I've just realised that if I wait another few months Ivy will be FOUR and ever so grown up even more and Poppy will be careering towards the age of ONE where not only will she be a brand new piece of work again but sadly we will no longer be the custodians of a little baby. Feels a bit sad, and a bit fast. I'm starting to see how people can be sucked into having yet another child now - thank goodness I've got my blog to remind me of how bloody sick I was with Popper to keep me from straying down that dangerous path.


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