Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poppy magic

She smiles, and smiles, and grins and smiles some more. She coos, she gurgles. Occassionally she cries. Poppy at 3 months is truly a little ray of sunshine.

Someone once told me it's worth having a second baby just so you can stop and smell the roses and enjoy the experience. I thought this couldn't be true having survived (and survived is the operative word) my first child which I found incredibly hard, but it turns out it is.

Not that I can blame Ivy, she was a pretty good baby too but I was stressed. Stressed I would never sleep again, stressed SHE would never sleep ever. If she was asleep I was worried she was sleeping too long, if she didn't sleep I stressed she would never do it again. I worried constantly that I would do something to 'ruin' her - and believe me there are plenty of books, websites and people who will love to convince you that this is the case.

This time I'm relaxed, I'm staying away from all the expert advice that's out there and as a result I'd say Poppy is relaxed too. But I do have to acknowledge having an easy baby is a lottery to an extent so in that I am truly grateful as I wake up after 9 hours uniterrupted sleep while plenty of mothers with much older babies are still being bludgeoned night after night by crying unsettled kiddies. I like to think it might be karma after throwing up for nine months but either way motherhood this time round is a pleasure.

And like all pleasant things...time is flying. Can our little Popper already be three months old? It scares me that my little baby will be gone so soon, but I am consoled that in that little babies place will be a funny, fascinating little girl - it's going to be an interesting ride.


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