Sunday, April 11, 2010

Funny bird

As we get closer and closer to the age of 3 Ivy's language skills are now supercharged...she is full of weird and wonderful observations about the world and more alarmingly has an answer for everything. While this can be frustrating she is usually so funny that rather than disciplining her I end up trying to hide my face while laughing. Here are some of her latest lines:

Ed to Ivy: "Hurry up birdbrain"
Ivy to Ed (tearful and outraged): "I NOT birdbrain...pauses...I MERMAID"

At Easter - Kate offers Ivy an Easter Bun.

Ivy: "Mummy, I love Easter BUMS"

Ivy - also at Easter after a big tantrum and general crying and sobbing

"I..*sob* know..*sob* what would make me feel better *sob*"

Kate: "What?"
Ivy: "Chocolate rabbit. Chocolate rabbits make Ivy all better"

This morning after an argument about what to wear:

Ed: "Put your leggings on"

Ivy: "I don't like leg-lings"

Ed: "too bad, put them on please"

Ivy: "no thanks, I just wear my legs today".

Another morning she comes over walking a bit funny with her undies all twisted up:

"Mummy, my undies have gone silly"

And finally after forcing her way into the bathroom while Ed is on the toilet:

"Daddy, you did a poo! You get a chocolate froggy! You make mummy SO proud"


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