Sunday, November 25, 2007

Now it's getting personal

In the last week Ivy has giggled her little head off at:
* My friend Kath
* Kath's girlfriend Erika
* Kath's Dad Stewart
* always
As for me? Nuthin' not even a half hearted ha ha.
In other news she has gone and grown herself two little bottom teeth without telling anybody - I discovered them the other day when she was chewing on my finger. I really can't picture her with teeth, I've got so used to her funny little gummy smile. This growing up caper must be on my mind though as last night I dreamt she was up on her feet, staggering around like an old drunk man before falling over and crashing into the coffee table. A portent of what's to come I guess.
But in the meantime I still want to know why I am not funny?


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