Thursday, September 28, 2006

To Catch a killer

I did a morning on the set of the telemovie that is being made about the Peter Falconio backpacker murder the other day. A whole bunch of us had to play radio and tv reporters chasing the murderer Bradley Murddoch down the stairs of the court (really the State Library.) I was given a prop which was a microphone with a 2UE logo on it. I decided that if I was to really keep in character I would have to be one of the most pushy and agressive journos in the scene so I was running as fast as I could harrassing Murdoch - shouting at him and pushing my microphone into his face, it was quite fun. In fact at one stage I was running so fast one of my shoes flew off and the director had to yell cut - whoops.

I have to say that the actor that plays Murdoch (Richard Carter - of Wildside and White Collar Blue fame) looks so much like the real Murdoch it is chilling. They even both have teeth missing in the same place. When Richard Carter (in character) screamed "get away from me you dogs" at me and the others and raised his hand up like he was going to hit me - I almost died of fright. Can't wait to watch it a little later this year.


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