Friday, November 28, 2014

Canteen superheros

You could be an astronaut, you could be Prime Minister, you could save lives for a living - but trust me, nothing will impress your kid more than when you strap on an apron and pop up behind the counter of the school canteen.

When it comes to being an involved school mum I truly am 'guilty'. Working 4 days a week Ivy spends a lot of time in before and after school care (which luckily she likes as her friends go too) and the one day I am home I am wrangling Poppy who's attitude to school can be summed up as BORING! In fact the other day she just outright asked me - why do we always have to come here mummy? WHY? (somehow I suspect her induction into school in a years time will not be as smooth as her big sisters.)

So when I do, do things at the school I'm reminded of just how much it means to Ivy. So recently I managed to wangle a day off and do canteen duty.

Red apron on, fortified with coffee (love that our school has an espresso machine in the canteen) and I was inducted into the ways of the canteen. After making 45 individual rolls from scratch I was ready to lie down on the floor but no, it was recess time.

Hoping the kids wouldn't see my counting on my fingers to work out how much change I owed them I served what felt like a tsunami of kids at the front window. From the tiny lisping cute kindy kids (some dodgy despite angelic looks trying to roll me for freebies or "sumfing I can can buy wiv this" and holding up 5 c) to the amazonian 6th class kids who look like they should be in year 10.

And there amogst the crowd is my girl - she is dancing about w her friends, pointing and smiling and calling out "that's MY mum".

Little things mean a lot to little people - it's one to remember as we take a break and re-calibrate before we roll into a busy 2015.


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