Thursday, November 08, 2012

Poppy and the bird leaves

At the age of 2 and 4 months Poppy is talking up a storm. Noisy - but good as the shrieks and screams of frustrations of not being understood are subsiding as she picks up more and more vocabulary.

Of late she's been initiating conversations - including swaggering out the other night and announcing "I'm not going to sleep tonight" before throwing herself down on the couch and looking very pleased with herself.

She's also telling Ivy off ('very sad eye fee') and patting me on the arm and telling me "well done mummy" when I do certain things.

She's keen on singing and thanks to her big sister can sing quite a few numbers from Les Miserables, Annie and more unfortunately One Direction "it's bitiful mummy!".

My hands down fave, heart melting Poppy saying was this morning when she came inside with Ed having found a big white birds feather. "Look mummy.....a bird leaf".


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