Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shiny happy people

Well it's World Youth Day here in Sydney and the city has been overtaking by a sea of delirious, smiling young people clapping their hands, waving flags of the world and worst of all..singing. As a friend pointed out it's a bit like when Sydney hosted the Olympics but that at least the sports fans didn't piss everyone off by breaking out into song constantly.

I don't work in the city yet in the last 48 hours I've spotted starry eyed mediterranean types in Leichhardt, groups of happy (?) Germans in Ashfield and a massive group of Mexicans at Broadway all clogging up the streets wearing silly hats and red and orange backpacks. It's funny, I've heard so many people tut tutting about all these overjoyed, clean living 20 somethings, and I understand. You're not meant to say "what's wrong with the youth of today? Why don't they drink, smoke, take drugs and have sex?" all very confusing.

What also cracks me up is how many people I know say that they hate religion, churches and things like WYD yet will, in the next breath, tell me that they will be sending their kids to a 'good catholic school cause the education is excellent'. Or all the people I know who wouldn't be caught dead going to mass but suddenly felt the urge to have their babies christened, in a church, with a priest - quite incredible. But nothing like having a bob each way I guess.
But I worry, have they just created the next generation of annoyingly wholesome youth who will be blocking up someone elses city in the future?.....only time will tell.


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