Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting old

Ye gods - how can it be that Kylie Minogue turns 40 today? Geezus, I feel old. It doesn't seem that long ago I was off my head on drugs dancing with a bunch of gay boys and drag queens at Mardi Gras to "Step Back in Time" in a hairpiece and hotpants. Whilst I might be feeling old, apart from a scarily taut immobile face and ever expanding lips good old Kyles looks like she still likes nothing better than to
spend a night burning up the dance floor.

I on the other hand have turned into a nanna. How do I know?

A: I like to go to bed at 9pm
B: I think that getting out of bed at 6.30am is a 'sleep in'
C: I get excited about dressing in nice clothes at work but don't travel anywhere more interesting than my desk in them.
D: My drug of choice these days is hot chocolate not a line or an e. And at times I find the hot chocolate just as exciting.
E: On Friday nights I get excited, not because I am going to the hottest new bar in town but because that's the day our cleaner has been and we'll have a nice clean house. Sometimes if I'm feeling really crazy I'll to celebrate we have pizza.

What's next? Spending all my time at the doctor?? Oh that's right, thanks to Ivy I'm already doing that. Bring on the walking frame....surely at this rate it won't be much longer.


Blogger Jennifer O'C said...

How about...

I like nothing better than staying home, by the heater in my cardie, on a rainy Sunday afternoon (very nanna-like!)

11:54 PM  

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