Thursday, July 27, 2006

Capital City here we come

Eduardo and I are heading to the nations capital Canberra for a little weekend adventure - which is a strange string of words to have together cause when you are talking about the words Canberra, excitement is not quite the first thing that springs to mind.

However I am keen to try out some nice restaurants (specially the Ethiopian one) and go bike riding. I just hopped on the net to see what else was happening in the Capital this weekend, I logged onto Citysearch and clicked on the "Fun things to do" tab and hit the button for Canberra and waited with baited breath.

You know what came up?

The 2006 "Improve your resume" workshop.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hangin Backstage

Eduardo and I went to see Wolfmother at their sold out Hodern Pavillion show last night. Twas rather good I must say, and very weird because before we went away I used to see Wolfmother posters for gigs in small pubs around Sydney. In the time we've been away they have taken off in a huge way in the States and are back here at home selling out massive venues and are really famous.

It was so funny to see all the little youngies there, jigging away and singing along with all the tunes. It struck me how old I am, when I was lining up to buy a drink I heard one boy behind me say to his friend, "that girl over there is in my english class at school" argh - I realised this kid was probably the same age as my nephew. But I love teenagers, I love checking out all their funny fashions, social habits - it makes me feel like David Attenborough investigating out some exotic species. Fortunately for Ed and I, his mates Jeremy and Jo were also at the gig so at least we knew we weren't the only oldies there.

Afterwards Eds friend Skye who works for Wolfmothers management invited us backstage which was interesting. But you know the thing that excited me and Ed the most? Was it the other pop stars and members of Silverchair milling around? Was it the band? The dedicated fans who sneaked backstage to stare adoringly at their heroes? Was it the tv cameras? The Veuve Cliquot we were sipping? Mountains of Columbian marching powder? Groupies? No - it was a single golden object, something rarer than a hens tooth in Australia at the moment, more expensive than a crate of Veuve. So Ed plucked this object from the table, put it in his pocket and we made for the door, hoping that we wouldn't get caught stealing such precious cargo.

Yes - we stole a banana. And it was delicious.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Famous alert in the tearoom

A new girl has started work in my office (yes the most non exciting office in the known world...) I was glad that there was someone newer than me and felt inclined to bond with her over our shared newness and all that - but there's just one problem. She's quite famous, or at least used to be.

Our new girl used to be seen on tv screens every night in Australia a few years ago, popped up in magazines and even had a an entire float of drag imitators paying homage to her in the Gay Mardi Gras one year. Nowdays she keeps a lower profile but is still a well known face around town. Its been very odd seeing her in the tea room making a cuppa looking like the slightly daunted new girl, but it weirds me out to make conversation with her. I already know so much about her it feels like I have an unfair advantage or like I'm a stalker- like what if she tells me something and I just go "oh yeah I know that, I read it in the paper", how emabrassing - or do I just pretend I have never seen her before in my life and feign complete ignorance? It's a curly one so therefore in my classic non confrontational way I just keep avoiding conversations with her because it just feels weird, I just hope everyone else in the office isn't doing the same thing. Such is the peril of being well known I guess. I wonder if Nicole Kidman gets ignored when she goes to get a cup of tea at work too?