Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Broken English

One of the worst things about learning a new language is the difficult 'sinking in' period. At the moment I go to school every morning for four hours and only speak spanish, I then have a quick walk home with Ed where I speak english before I am consumed by my family who only speak espanol until its time to go to bed. In fact Yolly has taken the hardline with me at home, she is now calling herself professor Yolly and has installed a rule where I am only allowed to speak espanol. If I don't she shouts 'no Katy no! espanol solo!' and if I look at Ed she shouts 'no Eduardo no, Katy hablar espanol!' its really quite exhausting somedays( Infact the whole thing is leaving me so exhausted that I often slink off to bed by 9!). The result is that my spanish is getting better (well probably at the level of a 5 yr old now) but my english is going downhill fast.

Today I told Ed in english that my 'feets were liking their new shoes' and later I told him I was taking notes so I 'don't be boring'.Ar this rate I will never get another piece of writing published again.

In other news the trip to Colombia was quite amazing apart from the fact Id eaten an evil empanda the day before so I spent most of the windy car ride thinking I was going to chuck. We went to a church where the virgin mary supposedly appeared 200 years ago and in honour they built this huge disneyland-esque church right across the deep gorge where it occured. The image of mary is in the rock which now forms the altar to the cathedral (if only they would do the same thing on the council fence at Coogee!)The climb down was steep and some fanatics were doing it on their hands and knees. Other people were buying big plastic containers to collect the river water below the church cause they think its holy, it was crazy. I almost disgraced myself by vomiting in the church but I managed to draw on some willpower I never knew I had though sheer horror of embarassing myself and the family and managed to keep it all down. Surely a miracle in itself?


Blogger meagy said...

am having fun reading of your adventures but have noticed many other blogs are a front for gay websites. some are VERY entertaining!!

5:39 AM  
Blogger emmy said...

yeah me also, tho meagy i dunno about "fronts" i think they're out and proud enough.

7:13 PM  
Blogger Di said...

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7:03 AM  
Blogger Di said...

Kate I'm so glad to read that your feets are really liking your new shoes. And I doubt you could ever become boring; well not in the Pink Palace anyway.I'm sure this is to become a book some day.

7:03 AM

7:06 AM  

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