Friday, April 29, 2005


It seems my new family have decided to turn me into a Catholic, and I donĀ“t seem to have much say in it.

So far we have been sitting through 5 minute prayer sessions before lunch every day, today I had to lead the prayers in Espanol with little Marcocita. I had no idea what I was reading but they were all being very encouraging. Even better is the news that on Sunday our new family are taking us to their favourite Church so we can attend mass. This is most exciting in itself but when they dropped the news that their favourite church just happens to be two hours north and over the border in COLOMBIA I almost fell off my chair.

I never imagined that I would be going to church on this trip, let alone having to take my passport to do will be muy interesante as smiley Juan would say.

Random piece of info: Latin Americans refer to the Pope as Papa. Papa is also the word for potato (which they also seem to be most passionate about.)


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