Monday, April 18, 2005

Sydney, Melbourne, LA, San Fran, Auckland, Wellington

Wellington, what a groovy little city. I could be uncharitable and say that it's quite apparent that the only semblance of cool in the whole country seems to reside down at the bottom of the North Island but I do like to think of myself as quite charitable so just pretend it was never mentioned.

So Wellington seems to the Melbourne to our Sydney, the San Fran to the USA's LA. Imagine being at a party and all the Sydney, LA and Auckland types are the girls in versace, sass and bide, drinking the latest vodka and braying on about themselves and their latest real estate aquistition while the Wellington, Melbourne, San Fran types would be the girl sitting in the corner wearing some one off fabulous vintage piece, dark lipstick stopping only from sipping her Merlot to make a couple of understated but very witty, intellectual remarks.....well you get the picture.

Wellywood is a delight, all wooden gothic houses on steep hills, dark lit bars and cafes, amazing movie houses and of course the mighty Te Papa museum. Kate was one happy lady bar one accomodation disaster....the World Wide Backpackers. So far we'd not had much luck with accomodation, from the prison to a succession of fairly grimy and or noisy places full of backpackers (why am I suprised?) but this place i loved, a spotless old wooden home on the edge of the city. I loved it until I encountered Carole, the bossy german who ran the place. Not only did Carole deny all knowledge of our confirmed booking for the weekend she then denied Ed a piece of toast the next morning cause brekky finished at 9am and it was 2 minutes past...she then told us we could not stay another night cause we 'had not booked' I showed her the confirmation but to no avail...... we had to move. Not after I had a rather large altercation with her that is still continuing to this day over fact at one point Carole did refer to herself as a 'bloody german' and I'm happy to agree with her on that point.

Moved to a new, interesting but a bit dodgy place and resumed our time in Wellywood. Most of it was spent sightseeing, I even spent 12 bucks to go to the zoo so I could see a Kiwi but the noctural house they live in was so friggin dark I couldn't even see where I was walking let alone a bloody Kiwi. Apparently it's like that cause "they like it that way" say the overly PC zookeepers - I say bugger them! I don't like it that way, so for the rest of the day I consoled myself with looking at Lions and Chimps and things, hardly natives but I had to take what I can get.


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