Sunday, April 10, 2005

In Zid

Finally away....the last few weeks were a blur of tears, sleep deprivation, stress, excitement, alcohol and far too many rich posh lunches and dinners to mention. But finally we are away..... first stop New Zealand.


1: Auckland is a lot bigger than I ever imagined
2: New Zealand looks nothing like Australia
3: They ALL make fun of our accents - how naive of us all to think that while we laugh at them they aren't laughing at us....they think we say things like "roight, oim from Orstralya orright" and they think that is quite silly.
4: they are a nation of possum haters or as they call them "Opossums" ???

Apart from the possum persecution NZ is quite lovely. We started out inAuckland staying with a friend of Eds for a couple of nights and then took off to Whitianga on the Coromandel Coast - very pretty but didn't see much of it really. Iwas desperate to spend a few days not having to be anywhere or do anything...or believe it or not even talk at one stage much to my shame I actually burst into tears while sitting in a gutter in a trendy Auckland suburb cause I was just so tired...oops. Think I was just exhausted from all the hoopla before we left I have just been sleeping it all off.

We are getting our mojo back now though, just arrived in Rotorua which smells a bit farty thanks to all the sulphur pouring out of drains, pipes, the ground, just about everywhere....but we just spent all afternoon bobbing around in hot mineral spas by the lake with a mad assortment of types from locals to old people from Oz on a bus tour to some really crazy Koreans who were wearing bathing caps and swimming goggles on their heads.

Other impressions....everything costs a lot, and everything is so, so green. ferny and secretive....oh and empty. I feel like shouting out heeellllloooooo!! Is anyone there??? Not a bad thing for this city girl I guess.

My favourite thing of all is: a bird called the Tui. It likes to make noises that sound like some contraption a mad professor might have's call is a weird mix of arggh! burrrp! beeep! twrrrrrrr kzzzst bing bing arrrrgh! (I kid you not).


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