Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On ageing and dying

A quote from Fran Robson in the Good Weekend this weekend:

"I just want to live until I die, like the song says. What's starting to filter through though, is that the world we're accustomed to actually dies before we do.In undertaker speak it precedes us. The real pathos of ageing isn't the inevitability of death but the long slow shuffle into an alien landscape."

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hello Dolly

The email came late last week from Emma. "Interested...it's bloody expensive but it IS Dolly".

Am I interested? Hell yes. Dolly Parton, that boobalicious, blonde, living walking, talking, cartoon country and western singer (and so, so much more) is coming to Australia after a 30 year break. She's playing Acer Arena for just one night and I am sitting here poised at the computer waiting for the tickets to go onsale online so I can snap some up.

Having done the maths I realised that I haven't been to a gig for about 4 years (I think the last one was when I was pregnant with Ivy) so even at $165 - if you average that out over 4 years it's pretty good value AND apparently Ms Parton is renowned for pulling off 3 hour shows on a regular basis.

What has suprised me more (more than my own discovered passion for the lady herself) is just how many other Dolly lovers have leapt out of the closet. When I posted that I wanted to go on Facebook messages of solidarity, envy filled up the comments box. And currently the number of those of us going together to the show is at 15.....I am buying the tickets....I just hope I don't max out my card, but if I do, it IS for Dolly.