Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The sisterhood

Last night Ivy and Poppy were having their usual bath together. It's a nice thing for them both to do, Ivy spends most of it maniacally arranging her barbies and bath toys and bossing them about in her own little world whilst Popper sits in her little bath seat either trying to fit a stray barbie into her mouth or watching Ivy in a state of wonder while Ivy mostly ignores her.

But this bath was different. I was outside sweeping the pavers while Ed was watching the girls from the door, not long after they were in the water he called me over quietly to watch something. Ivy was pretending to feed her hands and then her feet to Poppy, waving them in her face, sticking them in her mouth and then pulling them out giggling and saying "I'm not pear and rice Gummy" (Which is Poppy's fave food and Gummy is Ivy's nickname for her.)

In response Poppy was killing herself laughing. Ivy's foot would go in, then out and then both of them would crack up laughing. Then the hand would go in, they would both snigger in anticipation and then collapse in fits of laughter. And on and on it went as they snorted, chortled and giggled their way through bathtime.

It was truly the first time I've seen the two of them interact with each other with no help (or hindrance) from me or Ed. It was just two sisters, hanging out and having a laugh together. Such a lovely thing to witness for the very first time.